AEO Certificate

Since September 25th 2009 EURASIA LOGISTICS Ltd is among the first companies in Hungary to have obtained the AEO certificate types ’customs simplifications’ and ’security and safety’. Because of this our company manages its customs activities in a controlled and approved way.

Authorized Economic Operators

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) are economic players who are granted a special status. This status enables the AEO to receive benefits from the customs authorities in customs administration and clearance, since the authorities regard AEOs as reliable partners.

Source: VPOP

What does AEO really mean?

It is the trademark of security and reliability! To meet the needs of monitoring the flow of merchandise that resulted from the increased growth of global trade and to decrease the threat of terrorism the European Union introduced the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) as a legal status in January 2008. The AEO is just a small part of a world scale customs reform that will be introduced over the following years under the name ’Harmonized Customs Code’. The purpose of the AEO certificate is to enable positive discrimination. It is in the interest of customs authorities to place trust in select enterprises, and to only inspect their cargo in exceptional circumstances, while at the same time those who do not have the AEO status will be subjected to stricter inspections. It is the implementation of this double standard that will force enterprises to consider remaining marketable or risk the danger of loosing their achieved economic position. The advantage of those who have the AEO status will continue to grow as newer and newer stages of the Harmonized Customs Code are implemented. At the same time it must be seen the institution of the AEO will only become universal if the all members of the supply chain possess the certificate. If one of the members of the supply chain breaks this continuity then the flow of merchandise is in danger. In recognizing this we can find enterprises that have been requiring this certificate since 2008. In light of the above we can state that obtaining the certificate is a must for every enterprise involved in production, trade, logistics or shipping.

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