Charity work and donations for the Vaszary Kolos Hospital’s Skin Clinic

In the June of 2019. the Vaszary Kolos Hospital’s Skin Clinic of Esztergom asked for help from local companies and from Eurasia Logistic also, in a message, called “Grant Application”.

In this message they asked for help, like renovation of the consulting room, painting, reparation of the walls, buying new tools and chattels. With the assistance of our soulful workmates, we started immediately organizing and we finished the project in the first weekend of September, 2019. With 18 hours of honorary post, we repaired and painted all in all 500 square meter of wall surface. We donated high-grade chattels, desks, filling-cabinets, computers and monitors. With the accepting of the requestion we have contributed to an adequacy medical attendance, and for a better working condition of the clinic.